Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mugen: Azarel

Also made public January 2, 2009, is the latest version of the Azarel character for mugen. I have another version, so I will be comparing them to one another. Azarael is a character I have not read about from the comics in a long time. His backstory escapes me. For a time he replace Bruce Wayne as Batman after Bane nearly crippled Bruce in the famous storyline known as Knightfall. Here is my comparison table:

Azarel Mugen Versions



Team Spoiler: SpiderMew and JASONTODD 789

I don't think either version of Azrael I have is complete yet. But they are still fun to play with. Here is my test videos.

Update: I've just been informed by 196RR on my YouTube channel that I was wrong about who created the latest Azrael. ZVitor is not the main creator. I apologize for getting it wrong. Here is a link to the creators' YouTube channel:

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