Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mugen: Superman

Superman. What can we say. He is the template for which all costumed fictional characters that have followed. Super strength. Heat vision. Flight. Nigh invulnerable. Cold Breath. Super hearing. Super speed. And you get to use all of these with mugen character. I could go into the symbolic theological interpretation of Superman for Judaism and Christianity, but I'll save that for my main blog. I have found 3 versions of Superman in Mugen. Here is the comparison chart:

Superman Mugen Versions



Hannibal, Kal-Elvis and Friends889

All in all, the Superman and Superman remix characters are almost the same. The Remix character is more powerful in my opinion. The Superman in Black character is how he looked after his return from nearly dying at the hands of Doomsday. The character does not have all the powers of the other version because he was not up to full power at the time. I love his heat vision blast though. When you have to make sure you kill everything in front of you...use it. However I love playing with the remix version because you have all of Superman's powers and you can even use the Amalgram character: Super Soldier - a merging of Superman and Captain America. It's a powerful move and a staple of the Marvel vs DC game in development at Scruffy Dragon. As far as I know, Superman is the only character that has implemented it but all of them in the project will ultimately have such a move straight from the comics of 1996. In addition, the creators at Scruffy Dragon have some of their characters interact. For example, Buyog's Lobo (I'll be posting about him soon) and Magus' Batman both interact with Superman. Here are the a videos of the test that I made with Superman in mugen.

Please note that I did not include Cyborg Superman in this post because in the Comics he is a separate character


  1. SpiderMew never made a black costume superman

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