Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mugen: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon)

Green Lantern is a famous character from DC Comics. The best known Lantern is Hal Jordon. I like the power of the Green Lantern: a ring that forms whatever you can imagine is cool. Luckily this is well incorporated into mugen. I have four 2 versions of Hal Jordon. One is in mvc style and the other is not. They are fun to use.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) Mugen Versions



Enzo, Buyog2099, Arque, and McCready567
Remixed By Marvelvsdcu
Sprites originally done by McCready
Originally by PrimeOp, Enzo, Arque, & Buyog2099
for the MUGEN DC vs Marvel project

Here is the video test:

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