Friday, January 9, 2009

Mugen: Catwoman

Catwoman is one of Batman's most enduring foe. When she is not working against him, she makes a great partner. In terms of skills and power she's like his perfect match. Unfortunately, her moral compass is an entirely different manner. Although she is not a murderer, she is a criminal and seems to have nothing in her conscious about stealing. Because of this, she and Batman will never be together. I have seen 2 different version of Catwoman. One of them is really easy to find. That one is the first one on my list. The other is from a discontinued project called "Gotham Knights". That mugen project was discontinued because the people working on it got tired of people stealing their work and not giving them proper credit. I have not been able to find that version. And the version that I was able to find, probably may not be complete. It doesn't seem to have special moves but I'm glad I at least found that one.

Catwoman Mugen Versions




Edited by Prime OpN/AN/A9Unknown

Here is the video tests that I have made. I have included the video showing the Gotham Knights mugen project. I really wish I could find the version of Catwoman from Gotham Knights.


  1. Madcock dont do mugen chars...he steal it...
    this black cat sprites were made by magus
    and the second is just a edit by prime op

  2. Thanks, for the clarification. I did not now know that. Thanks. I'll fix the post.