Thursday, June 4, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Superman by Kal Elvis and Hannibal

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This is one of the all time classic superhero characters for Mugen. The initial sprite editing and code was done by Hannibal, and was later updated for a remix version for Scruffy Dragon Productions main project by Kal-Elvis

Most of the sprites look pretty good, especially the new remix sprites Kal-Elvis threw in. This is also the case with some of the nice intros and outros. However, there are a few basic moves that look a little non anatomical in how the motion comes across. The sound is excellent on all fronts as I think I am listening to the actual Man of Steel, a clear upgrade from the original clips. The standard AI is incredibly weak, however I was fortunate enough to get a private AI patch from an expert in that regard, Tunglashor.

I love how all the moves make you feel like you are either playing as the greatest superhero ever, or just merely watching him. Kal Elvis and Hannibal did an excellent job of translating every one of Superman's great abilities into Mugen. What is even better, is the fact that most of these moves are fairly easy to pull off and receptive.

- Heat Vision: Projectile heat vision attack
- Super Breath: Air attack, 4 different versions if you include F + HP
- Flight Kick: 3 different air kicking attacks
- Drill Punch: Erupt from the ground for an attack
- Flight Attack: Fly across the screen for an attack
- Super Shake Up: Punch to the ground for an eruption, 2 versions
- Solar Shield: Shield of protection
- Speed Fury: Rush attack
- Super Tsunami: Wind attack
- Super Scream: Vocal attack
- Hyper Heat Vision: Stronger version of heat vision (from air)
- Hyper Dive Attack: Diving attack from the air
- Amalgam Ultimate: His Amalgam counterpart of Super Solider attacks
*Bizarro Mode Unique Moves*
---------------------------------------- -
- Bizarre Shake Up: Bizarro version of Super Shake Up
- Bizarre Fury: Multiple pounding attack
- Bizarre Blizzard: Strong freeze breath attack
- Hyper Driller: Stronger version of the Drill attack

Most of my issues with this character are minor. As I stated before, some of the basic attacks do not seem anatomically correct in how they move. Also, some of the Bizarro hypers are using Superman hyper background graphics. My main contention with him is the AI, as this AI for him is incredibly weak. When you think of Superman, you think of how he should be able to beat down most opponents. Usually he is the one taking Mugen beatdowns. But in my version, I do not have that problem thanks to Tunglashor. Plus, if you play with him, which is a blast to do so, you won't have to worry about it either.

You can download him at:

My score: 9

If you would like this AI Patch by Tunglashor, you can get it at:

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  1. the AI patch for superman doesn't seem to work, can you upload it again?

  2. I downloaded the AI patch refereced here by Volzzilla and had no issues with it. How did you install it? It really improved Superman's ability to kick butt when I am allowing the computer to control him.

  3. Maybe he didn't put it in right. The AI is working fine.