Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mugen: Rogue

Rogue is one of the most tragic members of the X-Men, but also one of the most powerful. She can absorb the powers, memories, and life force of anyone she touches. This means that she lives without human physical contact. If she holds on too long the transfer is permanent. This is her mutant power. Because she came into contact with Ms Marvel for too long at one point, she has all her powers in addition: flight, super strenghth, and invulnerability. The mugen versions of Rogue puts these abilities in your hands. She kisses her opponent to draw away their health bar. Here is the version chart for the 3 versions I have found.

Rogue Mugen Versions



Infinity Mugen Team678

I like the Infinity Mugen Team version of is a great port over from the Capcom games and I like her costume. She is just a kick to play.
In my opinion, the Splode version is great because you have 2 ways to play with her. You can allow her to just power drain her opponents, or you can hold down the start button when you select this version of Rogue and another character starts out the match, Rogue takes his/her power and fights. Here is list of the characters you can steal from (please note that you don't have to have these characters installed to use their powers:

The characters and moves available are as follows:
* Cammy
SPECIAL: Cannon Drill
SUPER: Spin Drive Smasher
* Cyclops
SPECIAL: Optic Blast
SUPER: Mega Optic Blast
* Dhalsim
SPECIAL: Yoga Flame
SUPER: Yoga Inferno
* Juggernaut
SPECIAL: Earthquake
SUPER: Headcrush
* Ken
SPECIAL: Shoryuken
SUPER: Shoryureppa
* Magneto
SPECIAL: Hyper Grav
SUPER: Magnetic Shockwave
* Ryu
SPECIAL: Hadoken
SUPER: Shinkuu Hadoken
* Zangief
SPECIAL: Spinning Piledriver
SUPER: Final Atomic Buster
* Gouki/Akuma
SPECIAL: Zanko Hadoken (air fireball)
SUPER: Tenma Zankuu Hadou
EXTRA SUPER: Shun Goku Satsu (aka Raging Demon - Level 3 only)

More info is available in Splode's Rogue's ReadME.txt file.

Here is the video test:


  1. How can i make this move? i can absorb the opponents powers!!