Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mugen: Batgirl

Batgirl is an interesting character. She almost always appears in every Batman series at some point. In most incarnations, she is Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter. In the movie Batman and Robin, she was Alfred's niece (one of the things that tanked that movie). I have enjoyed her depictions in animations (all of them) since 1990's Batman animated series. They did it right. I have no idea how they would write Batgirl into the current movies series because Gordon has a son not a daughter and his wife's name is Barbara. Anyway, in the current comic book continuity Barabara is in a wheel chair and not Batgirl anymore. Another young woman is Batgirl and her costume is definitely different with her whole face covered and all. I have as yet been able to find Batgirl for mugen with the original costume. I think that there is a version out there with the new costume but I can't find it, but I will include her in my chart anyway.

Batgirl Mugen Versions




I don't have a video test because the version I have is nothing special. It has no special moves and is not particularly fun. I hope that there will be better versions of Batgirl released soon.

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