Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mugen: Cyclops

I realize that when it comes to the X-Men Wolverine gets the most attention, but I really Like Cyclops. He is smart. Heroic. Kind of like a big brother and a boy-scout. Also he is tragic because He can't control his power without that visor he wears. He also has more family drama than you can imagine. The comic books are filled with stories of his personal losses and relationships and they have repecurssion for the X-Men and the world. I love the fact that he genuinely believes in his mentor's, Professor X, dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. He has more than once put his life on the line and made sacrifices to protect others.

Many stories have involved time-travel and the idea that villains, like Mr. Sinister, believe that he can father a super mutant along with Jean Grey (whom he loved anyway). So much did Sinsiter believe this that when Jean was thought to be dead he cloned her and played match maker with Cyclops. Sinister may have a point because 3 characters his children from future timelines (that may or may not happen; yes X-men is confusing at times - you have got to pay attention) : Phoenix, Cable, X-man. Cable and X-man are actually the same person, Christopher Summers, son of Cyclops and Jean's clone, from two different future timelines. This allows Cable to be older than his own father! I will post about them later.

I have found 2 different versions of Cyclops for mugen. Here is my chart for Cyclops:

All in all, BlackJack's version is the most fun to play. Resa's version is just like the Capcom games which is also fun. BlackJack's version has AI that is really hard to beat. Here is the video of my tests.

Please note that I was warned that the link for the BlackJack version is broken, so I changed it.

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