Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mugen: Updated Batman

As many people already know, Spiderbat has released a new version of his Batman character. I've ran it myself and it is awesome. The thing that I think is the most impressive about this version is the Batman Beyond pallet. It looks like Batman Beyond looked at the beginning of the series when Bruce was still Batman, except he's wearing a cape. In the show, Terry never did wear a cape. Spiderbat did a video on YouTube with Batman Beyond fighting his edit of Magus' Batman. I'm hoping that he will also make that version of Batman Beyond available. I've included a playlist of my tests with his new Batman and his video showing pitting Batman Beyond against Batman. You can download his character from

1 comment:

  1. I've done a remix (on the abstract scale) of Batman and added in some new moves. He is now very agile, very good in hand-2-hand. I have not worked on his AI yet because I've been busy perfecting his moves for the gameplayer. Contact me at for more details.