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Creator Interviews: Team Omega Pwnage Supreme

Volzzilla has managed to talk to a member of Team Omega Pwnage Supreme who agreed to a short interview. A lot of insight was provided and it is greatly appreciated. Volzzilla's questions are in bold, the answers are un-bolded. Volzzilla wrote it up and passed it to me.

1) Tell me about the members of Team Omega Pwnage Supreme (aka T.O.P.S.) and who focuses on what with the team.

I guess you can call me Mugen master one and I take care of most of the coding with the characters. I also upload videos to YouTube and I build and maintain our website. (Team Omega Pwnage Supreme's Website) My best friend, we'll call him Mugen master two, does most of the spriting and animations and always helps me in making the videos for YouTube. Rarely do these roles change but every now and then I'll do some spriting, while he does the coding. We both know how to do either/or, it is just that we normally stick with what we are best at.

2) How did you all learn about Mugen and how long ago was that?

It was actually my friend that introduced it me some 31/2 years ago after he learned about it in animation school.

3) When did you decide to get into the character creation side and why?

After about 4 – 6 months of just playing with it, we wanted to do more, as in making the characters to actually play with. We liked the idea of being able to make your own characters…it was cool and fun. Mugen allows you to be a part of your favorite game character, and that just wasn't possible before.

4) What tools do you all prefer to use in your creation process?

Two, very simple: Fighter Factory and Photoshop.

5) Any tips you would like to share on how you all work that may help other creators?

Well, I don't know exactly what to say so I guess I’ll just share what's worked for us. First: find a partner, and one that you can easily get along with because if you don't, there will be lots of arguments and that slows progress or might even break up your team. Second: immerse yourself in the wonderful world of coding and/or spriting. As for us specifically, it helps for me that I have a background in Java script coding and my friend the same with animation and graphic design. Third: practice, practice, practice.

6) When you are just focusing on having fun and playing, what characters do you tend to use the most and why?

Any characters that are well made and have a lot of moves. We tend to like the over the top characters as they are just fun!

7) What comic character not already made or being created do you wish was made into Mugen?

Well, I really wish someone would make Adam Warlock or Doctor Strange. I think one of my wishes might be coming true, as someone has started making sprites for Doctor Strange (find the link to that process here: (Dr Strange by SPOOKY77) but still nothing for Warlock. I guess time will tell.

8) Please tell us about the Marvel/DC related characters you are working on.

As you know, we released our Silver Surfer 1.0 last April. We are also working on Agony, a female symbiote spawn of Venom, but there is not much to really share there. As of yet, she is still in the early stages, since we just recently did her sprites. We're making her, because we think that symbiote characters in general are cool and that simple re-color/re-edit version of Carnage that is named after her doesn't do her justice.

9) Do you have any plans for other Marvel/DC characters after Agony?

We might make more, but we also work on other genres too that keep us busy. So don't expect any other new Marvel/DC specific characters to come out very soon after her. But again, only time will tell. Though we do have a commitment to updates for all of our characters.

10) Favorite Fiction blog is really impressed with your Silver Surfer. Can you tell us why he was chosen to be created by T.O.P.S.

Silver surfer has always been one of my all time favorite superheroes and at the time we started making him, there were no others, so we also wanted to bring out a character that hadn't been done before. Of course that second point doesn't hold true now, because to our dismay, one came out about 2 months before ours did and then another 3 weeks after our release. It was crazy that so many people jumped on it at the same time. I'm still confident that we started ours first though!

11) Your Silver Surfer has quite a number of powers that you implemented; was that difficult to create and what was the inspiration for some of them?

Hahaha, I hoped someone would notice that. Yes he has a ton of powers and abilities. It was somewhat difficult to implement them all, but in the end I think we streamlined it pretty well and even managed to keep a mostly MvC style button layout. When it comes to inspiration, it was him, as in the Silver Surfer! The character has so many abilities and powers it's crazy. Sometimes even official games fail to get all of them in! Just read the comics and you'll see that he can fly, has super strength, can manipulate and transmute matter, move in excess of light speed, put up force fields, trap people in force fields, telekinesis, shoot cosmic beams of varying destructive force, absorb massive amounts of cosmic energy and release it for massive explosions! The list goes on and on and on. He is the Silver Surfer and he has the power cosmic! Because of our love for the character and how well he was received after his release, we are updating him to version 2.0 very soon.

12) That is good to know, can you please share anything you would like to tease our audience about in regards to these Silver Surfer 2.0 updates you speak of?

First of all, we have totally revamped the original sprites, and cleaned them up to where they are more shiny and metallic looking. Silver Surfer 2.0 will also have a totally new and different second mode that will come with its own unique abilities and special moves. If your wondering about expectations for this additional mode, let me remind you of the comment we made saying how much we love playing with Mugen characters that have a lot of moves and has an over the top gameplay style…this second mode will be no different from that. Couple that with our love for the character in general, and just expect to have more fun! There is more, but we will keep that as a surprise to the players. And this update is coming soon. Expect Silver Surfer 2.0 to be released in the next few days to a week. We will mark the release with a promotional YouTube video similar to our first.

13) As most know, Mugen creation is very detailed oriented and time consuming. What keeps you motivated to continue your work?

Well, the fact that we find it really fun helps. Sitting around and making sprites or punching in a lot of code all day on the key board isn't for everyone but when that end result comes out, you can not help but be proud! Also the fans help too. In fact if it wasn't for the fans wanting more, Silver Surfer might not have been revamped with all these new changes the way we did for version 2.0. So every fan should know, that your voice is heard and we really like your praise. T.O.P.S Thanks you!

And we thank you for your time. To see version 1.0’s promotional release video:

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