Friday, January 2, 2009

Mugen: Vision

The Vision is an excellent character. I'm not sure what his current status in the comic books are, but he has been through a lot. He's an android with super strength and the ability to turn diamond hard, intangeable, and in between. He is a great character. You can download him from and he was created by Slotman.

Here is the video of the tests I made:

This character was the really done well. It has good moves and it's fun to play. I admit that I don't like the visual very much. I wish he looked more streamlined like he is in the comic book. I can't complain. Making a Mugen character is not easy. I like playing with the character immensely.


  1. I noticed the download link is broken. :(

    If you still happen to have this character do you think you could send him to me via email? I've been searching for this character a long time.

    Thanks. :)
    My email is

  2. hi plse can u send me this character too I really want him my email is I appreciate the help.