Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mugen: Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is one of Superman's greatest enemies and of all the different depictions of Superman, the one constant villain who has appeared in every single incarnation is Lex Luthor. He's really intelligent, devious, and evil. He cares about nothing except empowering himself. The interesting thing about the TV series Smallville is that we get to see him become evil even as we see Clark Kent learn what it means to be a hero. We see both characters making decisions that mold them into what we know they will become. I have always thought that Luther was terrible, but after Smallville I feel sorry for him. Fortunately, Buyog and his team have seen fit to put him in Mugen. And they did a great job. He is wearing a rendition of his battle suit that he uses to fight Superman and the character is very formidable. Unfortunately, it's hard to see it in my tests because i kept getting but butt kicked. Here is a video of the tests I made

Lex Luthor Mugen Versions



Enzo (Sprites), Smogon, Kal-Elvis, & McCready (Assistance)
Buyog (Programming) Magus's Batman (for the Kryptonite effect against Supes)

Here is the video Test

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