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What If? Characters That’d Be Cool If MUGENized Part II

Volzzilla has come up with a brilliant idea: a series of articles that explore characters that have yet to be adapted for mugen. This article is well-written and discusses why these characters should be "MUGENized". I think he raises many great points. The following was written by Volzzilla and he was nice enough to allow me to publish it. As he says in his disclaimer this is not saying that he or I is trying to tell anyone which character should be created. For example, I'm starting work on practicing coding for MUGEN so maybe I can help make these projects come to fruition.

Disclaimer: Most of the following characters not only haven’t been made yet, but there are not even publicly known plans to bring them to Mugen either. The purpose of this article is solely for entertainment, and not meant to tell any creators who to work on, nor is it intended to be thought of as a “Wish List” of characters I want made. However, if anyone becomes inspired enough to begin a WIP on any of the characters discussed, then that would be a bonus.

Expanding the Batman and Superman Universes

It can be argued that no two characters have a greater comic mythology than Batman and Superman. Both of them have such a rich history and the best rogues gallery in all of comics. And numerous times, in various types of media, their universes have been re-imagined. So who better to have the same sort of thing happen for them in Mugen? Because they are sharing the limelight (which was sometimes a difficult thing for them to do in the comics) in this article, I will go back and forth between Batman and Superman for these entries.

Batman within the Batbot Mech-suit

Granted, Batman never used the Batbot suit in the comics, but when he did so during the Animated series of The Batman it was always memorable. The Batbot was used when Batman needed extra muscle and/or firepower. If the Batbot suit was re-imagined for Mugen, whoever could, if they so choose, add more features to it. After all, this is the world where Ronald McDonald not only can fight Superman, he can win. If that can happen, so can anything else and that is what makes Mugen so great. Originally the suit just gave the person inside increased strength, protection, and the use of various thruster mechanisms. But in the world of Mugen, any weapon you can imagine could be added…especially to a large robotic mech, the ideas could be endless. Such a character certainly would be new to Marvel/DC Mugen, and I’m sure that unique experience would be entertaining to quite a number of people.
To see the suit in action, check out the following clips from episodes of The Batman:


It was kind of ironic that while I was putting things together for this article, that a WIP was just getting off the ground for her by Shun Andromeda at Scruffy Dragon. Here is what he has so far:

I absolutely love the movement animation he recently put together. It is kind of funny, as I envisioned something similar before even publicly discussing any of this. Shun, do you have special mind reading powers we should all know about? Superman can never have enough of his enemies made into Mugen, but this would be the first female. Judging by that animation gif, you can picture all kinds of things that can be done for Livewire in Mugen. Imagine if you will, jumping all over the screen in that manner, while firing any number of electrical attacks at your opponent. Perhaps maybe even this movement can be an attack as well, in that if you contact whomever during this time, they get electro shocked. If Shun continues reading my mind on concepts for her, I’m going to expect some credit in the readme file…just kidding, lol. I totally look forward to seeing more and you can follow this progress as well by going to:

Knightquest Batman

In the 90’s, there was a widespread story arc in the Batman Universe that led to Jean-Paul Valley taking up the title and the cowl for a time with a very different look and attitude after Bane seriously injured Bruce Wayne. It was even implied that the Death of Superman played a part in leading up to those events. You have to admit, the new look was very striking, and that batsuit had all kinds of new gadgets Jean-Paul used at the time. Among the lethal weapons incorporated in the new suit, the most notable was a flamethrower and an ammo feeder that launched a continuous barrage of bat-shaped shurikens. The cape was also adjusted into bladed wings that were used in numerous ways. Jean-Paul was also a master martial artist due to assassin training since his birth by some secret organization. Put all those dangerous moves together with a more abrupt attitude and that amazing look, and you have one character that would be kicking some butt and making you smile the whole time while he did so.

For more information:


If you like to fight against Superman, than you would love to use a character with a kryptonite heart embedded into his chest that could be a constant health drain on him when he was too close, with an added ability to fire off a kryptonite laced energy beam. And even if your fighting someone else, that laser and your increased strength and durability, which is powered by that heart would serve you well. More recently, Metallo underwent a few upgrades to his abilities. Apparently he sold his soul to Neron for the ability to assimilate any metal mechanical device into his exo-skeleton to use for whatever purposes. Just think of the countless ways you could have fun with that! But that is not all, as Brainiac 13 also gave him abilities to where he can shift his size to monolithic proportions. Checklist of things you could do with him: adjusted strengths against Superman, check; use of whatever mechanical devices to torture your opponent, check; shift to larger sizes on command, check; total fun, check.

For more information:


The same reasons why this character has not been publicly worked on, are probably the same reasons why he never will be; no template to use beforehand, which would make him that much more difficult to create fully in Mugen. But that does not mean we cannot have fun discussing the possibilities here, especially considering the implications of adding another core Batman villain. You could spend this entire article discussing the various ways he has implemented his gadget umbrellas alone: helicopter flight, machine gun, shotgun, laser, flamethrower, tranquilizer gun, noxious gas expellants, netting for trapping an opponent, and all of the different ways blades were incorporated. But did you also know that he was an expert at judo? In the TV series The Batman, the producers decided to rely heavily upon that fact. Personally, I would also love to see a move where little penguins with rocket launchers strapped to their backs came out for an attack, ala the movie Batman Returns. That would be the most memorable move for a very entertaining character.

For more information:

General Zod

Throughout all of Superman mythology, the topic has been addressed, ‘What would happen if the powers of the Last son of Krypton were used for evil?’ Well, there is an easy one-word answer to that question, Zod. He was already ruthless, but a rivalry that started with Superman’s father, Jor-El intensified things to where General Zod would do anything to try and make Earth suffer under his rule. So picture yourself using the powers you are accustomed to, but with a merciless attitude, all in a new look. My personal preference, to do so in the style of the picture I provided, but maybe that is because I’m biased to the medieval suit of armor look on any comic character.(mental note: look into that concept for future entries, lol)

For more information:

Vampire Batman

You know you love Batman and you know you love vampires, so what would be better than combining the two? And this was explored a few different ways in alternative universes of the Batman mythology, most notably in Batman vs. Dracula: Red Rain and its subsequent follow up materials. But this concept was not limited to just the comics, as various forms of animation branched out into this idea. This most recently happened when Batman: Brave and the Bold used a story line involving Batmen from different universes to foil Owlman’s plans. Another version of this character was seen in DC Comics, Countdown: Arena. If you package a more monstrous look together with the iconic image of Batman, that is cool enough. But then augment all the various things Batman can already do with new vampire like abilities (such as: shapeshifting, dematerialize into smoke, obvious power drain, actual flight from wings, regeneration, increased strength and speed, mental powers, and any other vampiric qualities one could come up with) and you have another fun character to beat up on your opponents with.

For more information:

Composite Superman

There is not a single character that will be discussed in this entire article series that has a more outstanding look than that of Composite Superman. Combining the images of Batman and Superman at the midline would surely turn everyone’s head in regards to Mugen. While his back history was convoluted throughout the comics with a number of different origin stories re-created (check that out in the more info section), two things remained the same; that incredible look, and his immense power. Composite Superman was so powerful, that he was never actually beaten, more like he was tricked into defeating himself. In every instance of his incarnation, the power-set he had was a combination of all of the members of the Legion of Superheroes from the 30th Century, most notably three Kryptonian-like powered characters in Supergirl, Mon-El, and Ultra Boy. It was said that because of that fact alone, he was stronger than Superman himself. But that is not all he gained from the Legionnaires, he could also (get ready for a long list): adjust his size to large and small proportions, divide into 3 people, fire lightning bolts, generate heat/light, adjust the mass of any object, consume absolutely anything, turn invisible, inflate himself into a ball, stretch any part of his body, shapeshift (which is why he has chosen the look he has, due to a hatred for Superman and Batman), telepathy, advanced intellect, electromagnetic powers, transmutation of various elements, and the ability to phase through any solid matter. Okay, I’m tired just from looking all that up and typing it all out. In short, awesome look with all kinds of powers equals perfect character concept for Mugen.
For more information:

Green Lantern Batman

Granted, it was the most recent cartoon episode that provided the initial inspiration for this entry, but did you know that there was some comic reference to Batman using the powers of a Green Lantern ring? This concept was first imagined in the one-shot, Batman: In Darkest Knight which you can read about in the more info section. In this storyline, Abin Sur gives the power ring to a young Bruce Wayne who goes a different direction with his exploits. It was this idea that probably led to the recent cartoon. So my theory, combine the two for one great Mugen character. One that utilizes the power ring with Batman’s attitude and agenda in abilities that are Dark Knight inspired, while also pulling out various gadgets from his utility belt when need be. And this can all be done in a batsuit that is empowered by the Green Lantern ring. Furthermore, if there can be a character, Ion (more on him later) that basically has both the powers of Superman and a Green Lantern, why can’t a character like this be MUGENized? Besides, don’t you think Batman looks good in green anyway?
For more information:


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