Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Madness - Day Six - Finals Preview

By now you know that the characters involved in the final battle of the tournament are the Savage Hulk and the Thing. Their rivalry in comic books and animated series is the stuff of legends. Each are immensely powerful and on some level each character envies traits in the other however neither would ever admit it.

Here is a video from YouTube chronicling the Hulk/Thing rivalry.

Well, here it is. The Final battle of the tournament.


Savage Hulk --- representing Hyperion76
Thing --- representing Batzarro

Tomorrow there will be a special post announcing the winner!


  1. How did I miss out on all your March Madness, what a bummer! I'm gonna go with The Thing. Why? I'm more of Fantastic Four fan (the TV show not the movies).

  2. how classic, based on some of my all time fave comics, i want thing to win!
    good luck