Sunday, March 1, 2009

Summary for Feburary 2009 in Mugen

Volzzilla has compiled a document summarizing the events of February 2009 regarding mugen!!!

February’s Marvel/DC releases and updates

February had two big character releases:

Rorschach (Watchmen) by SeanAltly

He was highly anticipated before, but with all of the Watchmen
movie buzz kicking in, the wait became epic until finally being released. This
past week kamekaze also updated his AI.

Favorite Fiction: Mugen: Ferro Man

As part of a coverage event, Favorite Fiction went in-depth
on SGM’s Amalgam Project culminating in the release of their first beta, Ferro Man. By clicking the link you will go to the already published review of the
character, which includes video coverage and the blog’s impressions of him.
There is also a link to download him as well.

There were a few updates to characters as well:

Sludge’s Shuma Gorath is already a tough character. Then take into account this most recent update and good luck beating him. Download Shuma Gorath

Symbiote Spider-Man Version 1.1 by Empawk

Empawk has started an update of Symbiote Spiderman and was
kind enough to release the first version of his work. He plans to do more, but
right now you can clearly see some Venom influence.

RedX - eSnips, share anything
Xclusive updated the portraits to Lewis Sawyer’s Red X.

Gambit Updated by M:ken

Numerous changes in game play, but this is just the first
draft. M:ken has more planned on the way, including an AI and various other
adjustments mentioned in the last post in the thread. The thing that stands out
most about him thus far, a brand new hyper that is sure to catch your attention

February’s released stages:

The back half of The Unlimited’s 15 days of Chinese New Year
Event brought a number of stages to the players that should be checked out.
They are:

Rio de Banner

A Good Soldier

Terror At 30,000 ft

Atop The GCPD

Hydroelectric Plant

Search For Wanda

You can get them all at:

March teasers:

Unfortunately, Elektra was postponed due to technical
issues. However, those issues will make her release in March that much sweeter.
Buyog discussed her, and mentioned an updated version of Savage Hulk to come in
March as well in this article:

Fiction: Creator Interviews: Scruffy Dragon Production’s Buyog

Another anticipated character should be coming out in March
as well. Twinimage’s Nightcrawler. If you have not watched his video yet, make sure
you do so now.

After you watch it, I know you’ll say "Wow!" and start counting
the days until he is in your roster.

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  1. It's actually looking more and more likely that Elektra and Hulk will be part of our "ScruffyVersary" event in the month of April. We have tons of other things planned as well, but they both fit in there too well not to include them!