Friday, March 27, 2009

Infinity Mugen Team Release Party 2009 Preview

Volzzilla has written an awesome article that serves as a preview for the Infinity Mugen Team's Release Party for 2009 and a retrospective on the 2008 Release Party.

By Volzzilla
Disclaimer: I am not claiming any insider information, as the thoughts expressed here are purely conjecture based on the research done from the IMT Forum.

Last year, Infinity Mugen Team started a new tradition for themselves by having a massive release party for numerous characters, stages, and other add-ons related to their Super Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes project. I will discuss things related to their comic releases here, due to the nature of this website, but you can check out all of the official releases they had by going to:

Things all kicked off for them by releasing Vyn’s Boneclaw Wolverine and their 2.0 edition of EoH. It is kind of interesting to see all the progress they have made since that release, up to the current 4.6 release from a few weeks ago. After that great start, they ended up releasing 11 new Marvel characters and 7 Marvel related stages:

  • MvC Green Goblin by Acey
  • The Booklyn Bridge stage
  • MvC Hulk 2099 by Acey
  • Lotusland Productions stage
  • MvC Juggernaut by Acey
  • Area Under Construction stage by Iron Fist
  • Silver Surfer by xboy and Acey
  • MvC Human Torch by xboy and Acey
  • Baxter Building stage by Dead x and BigJ
  • MvC Banshee by Acey
  • "On The Top Of The World" stage by Tiago Frossard
  • MvC Gambit by REDHOT
  • MvC Galactus by Acey
  • MvC Beast by Acey
  • X-Lab by Acey
  • Captain Marvel by eSkRo and Acey
  • Infinity Moon stage by Eternaga

The event finished off with the individual release for the boss of their incredible project, Symbiote Onslaught, by Stever76 and Excursion.

This year, you can expect things to be even bigger. There are a number of characters that are in the most recent version of their project that have not been individually released, two of which who have received a lot of buzz on their forums in The Punisher and Wolvenom. The latter of which, DarkTalbain has stated has gone through numerous upgrades, and hopefully this upgraded Wolvenom will make this year’s release party. Other awesome characters that are in EoH and are not yet individually released are: Captain Mar-Vell, Sentry, and Excursion’s Galactus. I hope all of those are released, but Sentry is the one that excites me the most as he has turned into such an iconic character for Marvel Publishing already. Apparently there was a Symbiote Punisher beta that was playable in the 4.6 EoH release as well, but due to the beta status, hard to say if he will be included. To find out more:

But that is not all, as the team has made various comments about changes. Acey is working on custom versions of Captain America, Hulk, and an Unmasked Wolverine as we speak. Acey has also made a few comments to us in interviews about upgrading Captain Marvel, Genis-Vell edition, but that might or might not be further down the road. There has also been talk of updating some Kong Marvel characters like Magneto, Storm and maybe some others in regards to adjusting some playability for individual release. Sabaki has also made comments about upgrades coming to EoH Psylocke. This is probably just a pipe dream to suggest, but I hope something is seen (even if it is only video content) from Morph and Angel...especially Apocalypse’s Angel as I’ve seen some truly impressive videos involving him.

But the Infinity Mugen Team might not stop at just Eternity of Heroes releases. Check out this video:

Yes, it looks like upgrades are in store for their Batman as Mr. 47 and others have been working very hard on him. There has been a lot of discussion at their forum in regards to what may come, which I hope is a prelude to an updated release.

But that is not all. O Ilusionista has been hard at work on his Pocket Dimension Clash. Among the numerous comic characters involved in this project are: Spawn, Shadowcat, Havok, Emma Frost, and Captain Cold, Harley Quinn, and Rhino. There might be individual releases from this project if we are lucky. To find out more about this project, take the following links:

Last years release party also got some of the community members involved in providing us all with some great content. The former Team Spoiler released versions of Robin and Daredevil (both of which have gone through some updates since then). ZVitor also graced us with v1.2 of his awesome Aquaman. There were some great stages released as well during this same period. One of my favorite stage makers, Jor-El, released his Krypton, Doomsday in Metropolis and Green Lantern WarZone stages. Dragonesku also released Blackheart’s Lair, which is the best stage I know of for the character it is named for. I liked all of these stages so much, they were featured in the March Madness , Mugen Style Event .

This year, there may be more community involvement, but that news is kept pretty secretive for the most part. Alexziq, JasonTodd, and Spiderbat have been dropping a lot of interesting hints about their Batman projects in Batman Beyond and JLU Batman lately, but definitely no guarantees for something to happen there. You can check this out for yourself at:

The most significant news along these lines has been dropped about Wonderman by JasonTodd, Daraku, and ZVitor. There have been actual comments about him being released in April sometime. Unfortunately, there have been some data loss issues due to some computer problems, but I’m hopeful they can be overcome, as this character looks absolutely amazing.

To follow the progress of this WIP:

I might have missed something, but I hope that is a good overview of things that might be in store for us from the Infinity Mugen Team Community. And there might be some other surprises that they might drop on us, we will just have to wait and see.


  1. I'm waiting on Batman... Is it out yet? How about now?

  2. their batman is crap, the gold standard for batman is always scruffy dragon. also, I find it interesting acey tossed out my crystal clear voice clips for the green goblin I'd ripped from youtube in favor of some bozo voice actor, yet she used similar various marvel cartoon voice clips for her other marvel characters

    hypocrisy anyone?