Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mugen: Plastic Man

I used to watch the Plastic Man cartoon series when I was a child, but it was more of a comedy. I didn't really realize at first how powerful the character really is. I mean he can take any shape he can imagine. This is a little different compared to Marvel's Mr. Fantastic. This character is probably one of the first characters I ever downloaded in Mugen. Plastic man is very comedic. He tends to use his powers in very funny ways. He was in an episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold and I think the characterization matched the character. I've got to present an anecdote from an issue of Justice League from 1999 issue 33. Batman sent several members of the JL undercover and Big Barda, who has no sense of humor, was wearing a very sexy red dress that turned out to be Plastic Man. Boy, was she angry! (see the page from the book).

Here is a link for more information: and Here is the table:

Plastic Man Mugen Versions




This character, I believe, is one of the best characters for mugen. Plastic Man is actually comedic in a lot of ways. His moves fit his character and the are fun to pull off. Check him out:

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  1. This character is really funny, i love it, but i hope this character have a new custome desing, becuse, when we see him we are not all conveced.