Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness - Day Four - Quarter Finals

And welcome to the Quarterfinals! That last round was a doozy, and everyone that made it to this part of the bracket definitely earned their way in. However, there are a couple matches that try their best to do an impression of that last round for you. And there is a certain match that shows the YouTube debut of a brand new stage, and if you click the more info portion of the video, you will be directed to its download location.

Also, at the end of the article, check for information about the poll in the sidebar

Group A

Martian Manhunter --- representing Sabranigudu
Savage Hulk --- representing Hyperion76

Group B

Quasar --- representing bdcirck
Lobo --- representing garyoldman

Group C

Thing --- representing Batzarro
Robin --- representing JasonTodd

Group D

Batman --- representing Manic
Rorschach --- representing ivan_kou

Poll time. You may have noticed the poll in the sidebar asking which 1st or 2nd round match you thought was the best. If you need to recap, take the following links:

Round 1 - Groups A & B
Round 1 - Groups C & D
Round 2


  1. Oooohhhh... That was close, hulk is crazier than my pupil, XD

  2. Oh, my english betrayed me, sorry! I didn´t want to say pupil, I meant something like an apprentice...

  3. Understood. You're right it was close