Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness - Day Two

If you thought the matches from day 1 were good, then get ready to be amazed. Most of these matches had their outcome in doubt up to the very end. Not to mention the fact, how every single character represented their reader very proudly with how they utilized their hyper and special moves for the chance at a win. We even have the makings of a Cinderella story in the works, so throw away your expectations of who you think will win until you see the final outcome

Group C

Thing --- representing Batzarro
Silver Surfer --- representing techimuyo4ever

Mr.Fantastic --- representing DarkTalbain
Rogue --- representing Uche

Aquaman --- representing zvitor
Iron Man --- representing Djoulz

Bishop --- representing race45
Robin --- representing JasonTodd

Group D

Jean Grey --- representing da_linkwent
Batman --- representing Manic

Etrigan --- representing Twinimage
Carnage --- representing maxdillon

Rorschach --- representing ivan_kou
Cyclops --- representing AngelM

Blackcat --- representing krazy_cueball
Green Arrow --- representing Buyog

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