Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mugen: Hulk 2099

I've done a post for Spider-man 2099. Did you know that there was a Hulk 2099? It was not as popular as the Spider-man version, but i did used to collect it. I think the reason why it did not catch on was because it is very different physically from the Hulk we know and love and story-wise added nothing new. Fortunately, the mugen character is a lot more interesting. I like plasying with it. The only thing is, I don't think its as much fun as playing with a version of the regular Hulk. I think I'm biased because the comic book wasn't as much fun as the Spider-man 2099 series. That being admitted, Hulk 2099 is available individually and in Eternity of Heroes (EoH) at Infinity Mugen Team. I can't say for sure if the individual download is the same as the one in EoH, so iif you want to play with the latest, I'd get EoH. I think the character maks great use of his powers. You have the ability to inflict massive damage with gamma spawned strength backed by claws. In Marvel continuity it has been suggested that when people are mutated by gamma ways, hidden and repressed personality traits are released mentally and physically. This is why Bruce Bannar's repressed id and ego are personified in the green and grey Hulks respectively. And why She-Hulk is fun-loving, adventerous, and seductive, while Jennifer Walters was a "plain-Jane" introvert. It may also explain Hulk's 2099 appearance because his alter ego was a cut-throat company executive - hence the claws, fangs, and ugliness - mirroring his soul. Oh well. Here are some links for more information:

Hulk 2099 Mugen Versions




Acey did an amazing job bringing this character to mugen. Playing with him is so fun that makes me want to go back and re-read my Hulk 2099 comic books to see if he really was as lame as I used to think. Check out the video of Hulk 2099 in action:

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