Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mugen: Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is an awesome character. I enjoy reading the character in the books or watching him in animation. He was also well-done in X-Men 2. I love the way he makes jokes to deal with his appearance. Like Beast, Nightcrawler can't go around normal people and fit in. He uses his faith and humor to deal with that. I also like how he constantly helps other people even if he knows that they would not do the same for him. I admire that. That is what a hero does. Nightcrawler has cool powers. He can teleport himself and anything he is touching to any plkace he can see or has been. Here is some information on the character:


Nightcrawler Mugen Versions



Twinimage969Download Nightcrawler.zip from twinimage - Host-A Hosting

Twinimage did an awesome job. I loved playing with his Nightcrawler. It's awesome. The controls are great because you can pull special moves without too much problems. My favorite move is the one where Nightcrawler uppercuts his opponent, launching the other character into the air and then he teleports next to them hitting them multiple times. I also like the super where he calls Excalibur for help and they come in and beat up the opponent. Good times. Trust...this is one character you want on your mugen roster.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    Since the time that I waited
    this character......at least.
    Like you, I always liked
    Nightcrawler as well in comics
    as animations.
    the scene of the beginning of
    the movie "X-Men II", where he tries
    to Kill The US President, is extraordinary,
    I look it often........What a pity
    that he is so badly exploited in
    the rest of the movie.
    The Nightcrawler that I had,
    until now, for Mugen was ZERO
    but the one that you put for download
    is (by basing on what I saw on Youtube)

    PS : Keep an eye on your mailbox


  2. Can'tbelieve he's finally out.Can't wait to use him.

  3. As I said, I've had a chance play with this character and it is awesome!

  4. this char is sick as hell

  5. Hey, Marcus, thanks for posting the very existence of this character in Mugen. I've always looked for him, and this one is really well done. The only thing I think should be improved is that Nightcrawler should be able to teleport while in the air. But hey, I'm not complaining! LOL And I know you're not responsible for the char, I really just wanted you to know that we appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. this character is messed up, their little box, on the Select Screen. otherwise it's awesome.