Friday, March 6, 2009

Grudge Match: Superman vs Wonder Woman

I believe an all-out battle between Wonder Woman and Superman would be a sight. There was such a fight during the first season of Justice League when they were tricked into fighting one another. Superman figured out the trick and did not manage to get Wonder Woman to figure it out also until she wiped his carcass all over a mall when he stopped fighting her. But what would happen if they both went all out? They have also fought in the comic books, but both characters have changed so much over the years, it is difficult to tell who would win. So because the current version of the comic book matches the mugen versions, I'll call it that way: Superman. I think Superman would win because of his shear power a lone. In strength Wonder Woman almost matches Superman but in speed I don't think can match Superman or the Flash. Therefore I think that would tip the scales towards Superman. In mugen, I pitted Hannibal and Kal Elvis' Superman Remix against Loganir's Wonder Woman Reloaded. Here is the fight:

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