Thursday, March 5, 2009

Personal WIP: Black Panther


I've discussed earlier on this blog my desire to create a Black Panther for mugen. Volzzilla has been kind enough to talk to a few mugen creators are willing to help me out. I want to uses this blog as well as the forums for documenting the development of Black Panther. Upon gauging my own capabilities, I have to admit that I am sorely lacking on generating sprites. I have a lot to learn in that area. It would be best if I could find someone to work with. I can work right off the bat when it comes to coding. I have a copy of Fighting Factory and I can use it to make the sprites into a character. I aslo have some ideas.


Black Panther needs to be a mugen character because he is so very cool! I want this character to harken back to the4 way Christopher Priest and Reginald Hudlin wrote the character. He is a king! Very Intelligent. Physically, he's on par with Captain America. I'd like to tie this character to the version that will be in the animated series that was based off of Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther vol 3 #1-6.

Proposed Moves:

Intro - T'challa jumps down from the top of the screen
Basic punches...weak, normal, strong
Basic kicks...weak, normal, strong
Four Hypers
Helper - Storm
Special block that uses vibranium to block and absorb energy based attacks
Outro - Storm flies down and kisses T'challa
6 pallets (looks)
Blocks -


I'd like to obtain help to get sprites and other ideas for hypers and portraits. I guess what I mean is I need help with art big time! I'll handle the coding and animation. I welcome all comments and opinions. I want this character to be the best possible and above all fun!

Other Versions

I am aware of a couple of WIPS that are now in development. I don't know what the progress is on either of them:

Slotman's version

I have read that Slotman has pulled all the characters that he has released because some one stole his work and claimed it as their own. I think that's awful. I hope he will complete his characters and publicly release them. He does excellent work.

The Unlimited's Lance

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  1. Hey Marcus... I wish you good luck in this, I agree that there needs to be a well-made T'Challa in MUGEN.

    As far as sprite work goes, I'd suggest just starting simple, palette-swaps and that sort of thing, then move up from there. Then post your stuff for feedback on a few of the comic-focused MUGEN and sprite art sites (links below). Most of them have good spriters that are willing to critique your work and provide tips to help you improve.

    Some good forums to try:
    WarMachine Madness:
    Prime Central Station:

  2. Thanks!!!! Great suggestions and advice! I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to trying this out!

  3. well you can always get a good i dea watching his animation in moveis like marvels ultimate avengers and if u cant find any i can do it or come up with moves previusly put in the comics

  4. oh and the marvel ultimate aliance games they had moves for black panther and doctor strange though the movie moves were better for strange

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