Monday, March 30, 2009

March Madness - Day Seven - Finals

This post marks the the final battle of the March Madness Tournament on this blog. It will pit

Savage Hulk --- representing Hyperion76
Thing --- representing Batzarro

Since this is the last post, Volzzilla and I wanted to make it special. Volzzilla has recorded three interesting fights. These fights are presented first. Followed by the final official video of the tournament. Here are some comments from Volzzilla where he gives his perspectives and a rundown of possible prizes for the winner.

In this corner we have Savage Hulk! He has had a very difficult journey getting to this point. In his opening match against Bane, he was utterly dominated in the first round. He was then able to close the gap before showing that famous temper streak to finish Bane off. Savage Hulk’s next match was against Spiderman. He got off to a quick start, but then allowed Spiderman to push the match to 5 rounds before finally beating him. The next match was probably his most difficult against the Martian Manhunter. This was a truly epic back and forth that could have had a different outcome had Savage Hulk not interrupted a mind blast and then delivering the killing blow. And in his semifinal match, he had to rely on anger issues once again as he was far behind Lobo, until taking over for the victory.

And in this corner we have The Thing! His trip to the finals was not as tricky, but it was just as interesting in the end. His close call happened in the first round. He traded blows with Silver Surfer for a bit, but was falling further and further behind along the way. There was an attempt at a power cosmic explosion by the Surfer that would have ended things, but The Thing luckily interrupted this move and then finished him off. His next match was against his Fantastic teammate and best friend, Mr. Fantastic. A lot of blows were traded back and forth and the fight went the distance until he pulled out the win. Robin was the next opponent, but this proved to be not much of a challenge to advance out of Group C. And finally we come to the interesting part. Due to a mistake, two different versions of The Thing were used causing a bit of controversy that needed to be overcome. When things were explained fully, the fight took place once again and he took Rorschach behind the woodshed for the beat down.

Why are they going through all this trouble? To be the best representative for their entrant as they can.

Savage Hulk is representing Hyperion76, while The Thing represents Batzarro. The Mugen representative character who comes out on top, will win their entrant the ability to decide on two pieces of future content for the website. These are a few examples of those possibilities you will have to choose from:

- Help decide a future WIP Focus article
- Help decide a future Creator Focus article
- Determine a subject of a poll
- Determine options for a poll
- If you are a creator, we can do a Creator Focus on you or discuss a WIP you are working on
- You can write an article on your favorite storyline from the comics
- Write a reader review of a Mugen character similar to the ones posted on the website, but you can go into whatever details you would like
- Maybe help come up with a brand new article series
- Write your own 'What If?…MUGENized article'

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it can give you an idea. Basically anything that you can think of that is on the topic of Marvel/DC Mugen or comics in general are fair game in regards to determining this content addition.

However, due to the fact that both of the final contestants are Mugen creators with incredible WIPs in the process, we will sweeten the pot a little. For whoever comes in second place, they are granted a WIP Focus article to be done in the future on one of the current projects of their choice.

One other thing, both contestants will also be allowed to showcase their favorite sprite from a future Sprite Contest that will involve characters from the ‘WhatIf?…MUGENized’ series.

Without further ado, please enjoy this epic showdown it is the best of 3 battles followed by official ending video of the tournament:

There will be another post for March Madness. That Post will officially announce the winner and will give instructions on how the prizes will be awarded. Then there will be a final post explaining what prize package was chosen by the winner.

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