Thursday, March 12, 2009

What If? Characters That’d Be Cool If MUGENized.

Volzzilla has come up with a brilliant idea: a series of articles that explore characters that have yet to be adapted for mugen. This article is well-written and discusses why these characters should be "MUGENized".I think he raises many great points. The following was written by Volzzilla and he was nice enough to allow me to publish it.

Disclaimer: Most of the following characters not only haven't been made yet, but there are not even publicly known plans to bring them to Mugen either. The purpose of this article is solely for entertainment, and not meant to tell any creators who to work on. However, if anyone becomes inspired enough to begin a WIP on any of the characters discussed, then that would be a bonus.

Instant Mugen Favorites Edition

There are some characters that are so iconic, that it is confusing to see how they have not been adapted to Mugen already. In my opinion, if any of these characters were to be created, every player would download them immediately into their Mugen and they would become instant favorites.

It is always a good thing whenever you can expand upon a team roster that is lacking with members, but Raven would do far more than just slot in nicely with other great Teen Titans releases like Robin and Starfire. To go along with her general popularity, she has some awesome powers that would translate into the Mugen world perfectly. Besides being able to fly, her magic ability also helps her with: stopping time, astral projection, teleportation, telekinesis, precognition, and the ability to force emotions such as the 7 deadly sins on an opponent. But by far her coolest power is Shadow Manipulation. She can make the shadows do anything she wishes with the only limit being her own imagination at the time. Combine all those great powers with a rich comic history, and she would be a shoe-in for anyone's Mugen roster.

To read more about her:

Black Canary
When it comes to Superhero Mugen, you always need more DC characters, especially female ones. Couple all this with someone that oozes sex appeal like Black Canary and you have a winner. Her Marvel counterpart when it comes to this quality has numerous creations, Psylocke, so now it's her turn. Everyone knows about her ultrasonic scream ability, which could be utilized a few different ways in Mugen. But did you also know that she is considered one of the best martial arts fighters in all of the DC Universe, some say almost on par with Batman? Plus, sometimes she pulls out a few weapons and gadgets to accentuate her butt-kicking. And when all that fails, she can run you down with her motorcycle. Besides, ZVitor's awesome Green Arrow is very lonely without her.

To read more about her:

Both Spider-Man and Carnage are already Mugen iconic characters, so a combination of the two would be a sure thing to follow suit. And this combination has happened in the general Spider-Man history a number of times as well. In the main Marvel timeline, Ben Reilly was bonded to the Carnage symbiote for awhile, which helped fill out his character more due to the internal struggle this caused. Alternative universe stories and the animated series also explored Peter Parker in a similar situation. In each instance, Spider-Carnage had all the powers of Spider-Man and the Carnage symbiote both, which would mean his Mugen incarnation would be that much tougher. I think the Ben Reilly version would be better as then Stingers could also be incorporated into his power-set.

To read more about him:

You can never go wrong with adding another core Avenger. Especially one that could offer so many new and different abilities to Mugen like Hank Pym. Imagine fighting whomever, and then growing to a very large size to change up the entire dynamic of the match. Or how about if he was to shrink to a size too small to be hit, but he is still swarming around and causing damage. He is also a master inventor who can pull out various hi-tech weapons to use to defeat his opponent. All this while in a suit that allows for flight and the ability to fire off bio-energy blasts from his wrists. I know I would enjoy a character like that, and so would you...admit it. To read more about him:

Marvel Girl
Everyone loves a good X-Men character in his or her Mugen; but then give this same character the Phoenix Force and get ready to have some fun. Most of you probably already have Jean Grey and/or a Dark Phoenix remix, so you know how powerful the Phoenix Force can be just in Mugen. Marvel Girl already has some of the stronger abilities from the Marvel Universe with telekinesis, telepathy, and the numerous ways she can incorporate psionic attacks. But supercharge all of that with a re-imagining of the Phoenix Force for Mugen, and she will be a good match for anyone. These abilities made her one of the strongest characters in a number of Marvel timelines where she played a large part in shaping things to come, so what would be different in her Mugen incarnation? To read more about her:
Black Panther
The first modern black superhero; a very iconic fact for an even more iconic character. And I'm not just saying this because of Marcus' decision to finally bring the Black Panther to Mugen. Besides, every Mugen roster can use a sense of regality from the King of Wakanda; not only in title, but also in the way he carries himself in general. T'Challa has trained himself to the absolute peak of physical ability, which is also further enhanced by taking a special herb that increases those abilities even more, as well as heightens all of his senses (especially eyesight, night vision, and smell.) Combine that physical prowess with his being a master of all forms of unarmed combat and a fighting style that also includes acrobatics, as well as aspects of animal mimicry, and he would be fun to watch just in that respect. But then you add in his vibranium-enhanced suit that helps in refracting damage, fires energy blades or sleeping gas, armor-shredding claws, and special boots that further amplifies his acrobatic ability. Another move could incorporate the time he was the wielder of the Ebony Blade, a sword that could absorb energy attacks and sometimes reflect them back at the attacker. And did I mention he is one of the greatest intellectual minds in the Marvel Universe? So get ready for him to perhaps pull out some sophisticated weaponry he created as another special move. Hypers could also include his wife Storm attacking, the Wakandian Army (which is the most advanced in the world) making some sort of military strike, and maybe even have a jungle stampede. All in all, the Black Panther could be one of the most entertaining Mugen characters ever.

To read more about him:


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  3. I this is wrong and late... I've seen a Black Panther, a Black Canary, a Marvel Girl, a Spider Carnage and i myself was making a Raven. I stopped do to real life, but there was also someone else, at the time trying the same character.

  4. If a character is unknown-to-exist or has not been publicly released then it doesn't count. I for one has not seen any of these characters generally available. The best way you can prove your point is to provide download links


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