Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness - Mugen Style Update

In summary, Favorite Fiction Blog decided to run a Mugen tourney that corresponds to the Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament better known as March Madness. A group of characters were selected from a wide range of creators and comic history background, but also of comparable fighting ability. Readers were then allowed to select one of these characters to represent them in a first come, first serve process. If that person’s Mugen representative wins the tourney, they will win a prize. There will be more on that later.

To see all the characters and who is representing them, go to:

The format of how fights will be conducted is, 3 on 3 turn based, with the single representatives on either side facing one another. Basically, first to 3 wins, but lifebars do not reset at the end of a round for the winners. This was done as it works well in finding out which characters have the best attrition towards survival and strength, and does a little better in eliminating luck. To see an example of the fight format, watch this fight:

All videos showing fight results will not go public and live until the corresponding article has been published on Favorite Fiction

After every character found representation, they were slotted into the bracket in no particular order, with Spooky77’s Spawn getting a first round bye due to recruiting Technology to select Cable. Because of the difficulty into translating an actual bracket into document form, this was drawn up to show the match-ups and how future matches will happen.

Group A

1.Martian Manhunter vs. Joker

2.Cable vs. Green Lantern

3.Spiderman vs. Storm

4.Savage Hulk vs. Bane

Group B

1.Quasar vs. Hobgoblin

2.Psylocke vs. Deadpool

3.Ms.Marvel vs. Lobo

Spawn vs. ---

Group C

1.Thing vs. Silver Surfer

2.Mr.Fantastic vs. Rogue

3.Aquaman vs. Iron Man

4.Bishop vs. Robin

Group D

1.Jean Grey vs. Batman

2.Etrigan vs. Carnage

3.Rorschach vs. Cyclops

4.Blackcat vs. Green Arrow

Group A

1 vs. 2

3 vs. 4

Winners face each other for Group A Champ

Group B

1 vs. 2

3 vs. Spawn

Winners face each other for Group B Champ

Group C

1 vs. 2

3 vs. 4

Winners face each other for Group C Champ

Group D

1 vs. 2

3 vs. 4

Winners face each other for Group D Champ

Group A Champ vs. Group B Champ

Group C Champ vs. Group D Champ

Winners face each other for Tournament Championship

If you have questions, please check whichever message forum you prefer, or email

And now the small prize that has been discussed. The Mugen representative character who comes out on top, will win their entrant the ability to decide on future content for the website. These are a few examples of those possibilities you will have to choose from:

- Help decide a future WIP Focus article

- Help decide a future Creator Focus article

- Subject of a poll

- Choices for a poll

- If you are a creator, we can do an article on you or a WIP you are working on

- You can write an article on your favorite storyline from the comics

- Write a reader review of a Mugen character similar to the ones posted on the website, but you can go into whatever details you would like

- Maybe help come up with a brand new article series

- Write your own What If?…MUGENized article

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it can give you an idea. Basically anything that you can think of that is on the topic of Marvel/DC Mugen or comics in general are fair game in regards to determining this content addition. There may other things that are thought of in addition to this as well to get you involved.

Good luck to all of the contestants.

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