Monday, March 9, 2009

Mugen: Sandman

Sandman is one of Spider-man's earliest and greatest foes. He isn't a pushover. Being able to manipulate all the molecules of his body as if it was sand is an awesome power. He can even incorporate other pieces of sands in his environment with his body. He can control his density, size, and mass. I think he also shows that the choices we make helps to define us. He actually chose to use his powers for personal gain. There was a time when Sandman pretended to be a hero and worked alongside Thing and Spider-man. You read more about Sandman at the following links:

There is one version of Sandman for mugen. And it is awesome. One of the greatest mugen characters of all time.

Sandman Mugen Versions



Loganir & McCready968

This character is very awesome. It's fun to play. It's fun to watch. I love how fast he can move and it makes great use of Sandman's powers. He even has a super hyper where you can string a three hypers together where all the members of the Sinister Six attack Sandman's opponent. I think my favorite move is when Sandman turns his body into a pin wheel saw.

Here is the video


    never tried sandman before this review
    he totally rocks man!

    kudos for mugen creators, they are the best