Sunday, March 1, 2009

WIP Focus: Captain Mar-Vell (original) by Acey and Iron Fist

Acey has given Acey an interview discussing his hidden version of the original Captain Mar-Vell in "Eternity of Heroes" with Volzzilla. Volzilla's questions and comments are in bold and Acey's answers are unbolded. I have a review of the character coming out in a couple of days. In the meantime enjoy the interview. Acey always does quality work and I enjoy all of the characters he has worked on!

1) How did you decide on bringing Captain Mar-Vell to MUGEN? And how was this creation involved with IMT’s Genis-Vell version of Captain Marvel.

Let’s start with his son Genis-Vell, also called Captain Marvel. In late 2006 eSkRo (founder of the Infinity Mugen Team) came to me and asked if I would like to collaborate with him on Captain Marvel. I agreed on the terms that he would do most of the work and I would help along the way. Back then, when other forums heard we were making Captain Marvel, they all mocked us saying it would just be an edit or a rip-off of MICROmor’s Captain Marvel. eSkRo ended up dropping the character when a trusted friend leaked an early beta version. I picked him up from there and Captain Marvel was finished zero hour (literally) for the December 25, 2007 release of infinity’s original Marvel vs. Capcom project.

Immediately we recognized that there would be someone out there who would take our character and edit it into Captain Mar-Vell, the father, so I decided to beat them to it by doing it myself. Throughout 2008, I kept on involving myself with various coding projects so the sprites for this new Captain Mar-Vell were constantly pushed off. Once completed I decided to go one extra step and hand him over to my friend and fellow IMT member, Iron Fist (Mr. 47), to change around the code to make him feel different enough from the other previously released MUGEN character. The end result is what I feel will be an iconic Marvel character to the players.

2) Please tell me your thoughts on the character and his general comic back history.

Two things stand out about Captain Mar-Vell. First, he carries the title of the comic company. In many ways he is Marvel personified, although he doesn’t have the popularity of his contemporaries. In this, although he was a perfect hero, he was contained within a very flawed, vulnerable sidekick. The second item that makes him stand out is that I feel Marvel specifically killed off this character (with an odd space cancer) in order to bring the seriousness of cancer into the minds of the Marvel comic followers. Even one of the most powerful heroes can unexpectedly succumb to this real, common threat.

3) What has already been finished? And what remains to be worked on?

The character is finished. At this point I want to leave him as he is and go back and make additional changes to Genis-Vell. This would include new vocals, different hypers and new intro/win poses. The vocals really need to be changed now, as the current ones came from Marvel Ultimate Alliance and were meant for Captain Mar-Vell.

4) What kind of interaction should we expect with his MUGENized son?

I haven’t really considered this, since Genis-Vell was made in a test tube from his father’s DNA, they never really met or knew each other. I guess it would be something like, “who are you? I can’t put my finger on it but you seem familiar somehow.”

5) Any other planned interactions with other characters, either with intros or exits?

Unfortunately, I’m just not passionate about custom intros or win poses between any two characters, not because I’m against them, but simply do not see them as necessary and choose to focus on other things. There is something with Captain Mar-Vell and Ms. Marvel though, thanks to ZVitor.

6) Since he is finished, when can we expect an individual release?

At a future date still to be determined, IMT will have another release party where he will definitely be able to be individually downloaded. Until then, check him out in Eternity of Heroes.

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