Monday, March 2, 2009

Mugen: Wolvenom

I'm not sure if you saw the game Spider-man: Web of Shadows from last fall, but in it New york is over-ridden by symbiotes. You remember the "alien" costume that tried to possess Spider-man and then gave rise to Venom, Carnage, and other characters? It turns out that there is a whole planet full of those suckers. In the game, they tried to invade earth, possessing everyone. There was also a comic book limited series in the mid-1990's called Planet of the Symbiotes that ran through all of the Spider-man comics at the time. I can't say for sure I remember a symbiote possessing Wolverine, but from what I understand it is in the plot of the game. I believe that this is what inspired Dark Talbain to make the Wolvenom character. It's fun to play with and one of the tests to make is pitting Wolvenom versus Infinity Mugen Team's Wolverine. I can't use any other version of Wolverine because at this time, Wolvenom is not released as a separate character. You can only use it in the latest build of the Eternity of Heroes game from Infinity Mugen Team.

Post script Addendum:
I've just recently been alerted that Dark Talbain actually had another source of inspiration:

"What inspired me to make him was that one image you have posted on the blog at the top . That is actually some fan art from what I understand . But my look for him is totally based off that . Then I also read the issues of New Avengers where Dr Doom dropped a symbiote bomb & most of the Marvel heroes became symbiotes. In the updated release of Wolvenom , you will see how much those issues had an impact on the character."

I for one can't wait for this update. I missed those issue of New Avengers. I think' I'll have to look it up. Sure wish I could have picked them up at Wondercon. Oh well. This is to, Dark Talbain, I'm sorry about the Sprite confusion, I'll switch it as soon as I can.

Wolvenom Mugen Versions



By Dark Talbain 9Not Complete9

This character seems nearly complete to me...but only because it is so much fun to play with. It is real deep and is definitely a stand-alone character without loosing any of the fun that comes with playing Wolverine. Adding a symbiote just makes it more fun with being able to shoot web based attacks. I really like the win poses. One of them has Banshee come in and use his sonic scream to drive the symbiote off of Wolverine. One of the things that really impressed me is that when you fight defeat Banshee, his daughter Siryn comes through and uses a sonic scream to drive the symbiote off of Wolverine. That was smart. Wolvenom is a hidden character so you access him by putting select cursor on the random character selector from the Marvel side of the select screen and then you press down and then left. Then you use up and down to scroll through the hidden characters. Here is the video of the test:


  1. hI ! A little error on the link of wolvenom, its infinity , you have write infinty

    Thanks for ur daily super news :p

  2. Also another error , that is not one of my sprites you have posted . Check my thread at infinity . I posted one for you to use there .