Sunday, July 5, 2009

Favorite Fiction Blog Sprite Contest

Now announcing Favorite Fiction Blog's first ever sprite contest. This will be posted throughout the different Mugen communities, so each will have their own self contained contest with results posted on Favorite Fiction Blog, and then a sort of battle of the champions poll there.

The theme for the contest, characters discussed in the "What if?...MUGENized" series.

The following is a breakdown of the characters discussed in each article and the theme of each particular entry. You can use these as reference material, or other sources like wiki, comicvine, whatever.

Part 1: Instant Mugen Favorites
-Black Canary
-Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
-Black Panther

Part 2: Expanding Batman/Superman Universes
-Batman within the Batbot Mech-suit
-Knightquest Batman
-General Zod
-Vampire Batman
-Green Lantern Batman
-Composite Superman (my personal favorite)

Part 3: Amalgam
-Big Question

Part 4: Outside Marvel/DC
-Mr. Majestic
-The Darkness

Part 5: Where do they get those wonderful toys
-Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
-Kraven the Hunter
-Adam Strange

Here are a couple examples that had been done just for fun in other community threads for the series to give you an idea:

1) Navsmed41
2) Gate
3) Spooky77
4) spidey

-Can either submit directly into the thread or with a pm to me
-Can use whatever sources, but if using non-open source sprite edits, please be sure to get permission first
-You can submit previous work that you have made in the past
-You can submit as many entries as you'd like

Submissions will be taken through July and then voted on at the selected communities in August. Afterwards, select submissions will then be voted on against other communities similar selection at Favorite Fiction. You can enter at multiple communities and submit the same sprite edits there as well (in fact, this is encouraged).

Here are the various forum threads with this discussion, and where you can submit whatever in the thread itself if you want (or can do so by personal message)

CVG United,678.0.html
Infinity Mugen Team
Scruffy Dragon
Sic Graphics Mugen
The Unlimited
Mugen Infantry Forum
Mugen Fighters Guild Forum

Any questions can best be answered at those selected topics, or by personal message to volzzilla at those forums.

Thank you

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