Thursday, July 16, 2009

Websites to Visit: Capcom Fighting All-Stars

A friend of mine, Nestor, is the lead on a pretty cool project called Capcom Fighting All-Stars. The project involves mixing many different characters from many different Capcom games all into one. The following info is taken directly from his comments on the project.

Capcom Fighting All Stars will be a game that will bring the most representative characters from the Capcom Videogames, like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, Karin and Rose from Street Fighter Alpha, Cody from Final Fight, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 1 and 4 respectively, and more, like Strider Hiryu, Captain Commando and Megaman.

Here's the roster-screenpack prototype:

The game system will be MVC-like, with the TAG included, based in the Ryou Win's one, but with improvements to be implemented, as well as new adds like the Parry system.
Right now, I'm working in two characters, Demitri and Leo (locked char), I will post all the updates here.

About the fight lifebars, here's another prototype, with the Leon sprite made by Mudy, splendid work without doubt (Thanks for the Info FeLo Llop!)

The chars will have a different graphic style, being Strider Hiryu and Megaman from MVC, while Ryu and Ken will have their CvS graphics, however, there will be a balance with all the sprites, in size, palletes and smoothness.

There will be a unlock system; based on the DATA folder being moleboxed with other elements, you will be able to unlock and download chars and add them in the CHARS folder (not moleboxed), so, in this way, it will be more easier to make updates once they're necessary.

The game is planned to be released in different versions-betas-call them as you want. Also, one original char has been added: Akito, sprites by Akito-Sama.

Here are a couple previews of some of their more advanced characters thusfar.

And here is a pic of a stage release they have had, Prospered Fatherland.

To download this stage and learn more about the project, check it all out at:

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