Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What If?...Characters That'd Be Cool If MUGENized #5

Disclaimer: Most of the following characters not only haven’t been made yet, but there are not even publicly known plans to bring them to Mugen either. The purpose of this article is solely for entertainment, and not meant to tell any creators who to work on, nor is it intended to be thought of as a “Wish List” of characters I want made. However, if anyone becomes inspired enough to begin a WIP on any of the characters discussed, then that would be a bonus.

Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Toys Edition

When you think of characters whose main ability is their use of specialized equipment, it is pretty easy whom you think of first. Well, I’m quoting his arch nemesis with this theme to talk about other characters that fit that same mold. Most of these guys do not have any special powers on their own and they had to rely mainly on their smarts and the use whatever items they had. Obviously, there are others, but these are the ones that stood out to me in regards to the main theme of being cool if MUGENized.

Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)

How can you not think of this guy with all the focus he has in the recent Batman cartoon? Of all the people to bear the mantle of the Blue Beetle, none had a stronger bond as the symbiotic Scarab known as Khaji Da is fused directly into Jamie’s spine. Because of this, Jamie was granted super strength and agility. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Scarab has previously manifested these powers: teleportation, flight from wings or jet propulsion, energy blasters, various firepower weapons, various bladed weapons, energy shields, healing, concealment, cancellation of magical energy, increased armor, and more. Plus, sometimes it allowed for specialized attacks against Kryptonians, the Green Lantern Corps, and others. In short, if he ever comes to Mugen, get ready for some fun!

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According to an ancient legend, two powerful entities battled long ago, one allegedly darker than the other. This supposed darker force was defeated and forced to leave, but left with a prophecy to destroy the world upon his return. A secret organization of followers for the remaining power then decided to prepare one person to be their champion until this time. And that burden later fell upon a man named Eno who was granted the magical armor with this position. When he wears this armor, all of physical attributes are augmented to superhuman levels, he can fly, turn invisible, fire plasma energy and entrapment nets, and manipulate matter density. In addition to all of that, he is also now granted the ability to draw forth from the knowledge of previous champions who donned the armor to help him with his tasks. All that, plus that cool look, he definitely fits the theme of this series.

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Kraven the Hunter

He was one of the world’s greatest big game hunters and mercenaries. This status became boring to him, so not much convincing was needed to talk him into hunting his toughest target, Spider-Man. Kraven took numerous potions that enhanced his athletic ability, as well as trained himself to be the best in every form of hunting possible. He became an expert with: all kinds of guns, darts, spears, whips, poisons and other objects that could be used to those ends. He also loved to set various traps for whatever his prey happened to be. So imagine yourself as the MUGENized version of this character that has a move set focused on various traps you can set. I like doing this with Punisher and others like that, so if there was more chances to do something like that, I’d be all for it.

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Adam Strange

He was originally an independently wealthy archeologist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time…or so he initially thought. This ‘wrong place, wrong time’ incident sent him to the planet Rann, which then became the most important thing due to being part of trying to keep the people their free, while also falling in love. As part of this new role, Adam gained the use Rann technology that affords him a jetpack, various guns, and a spacesuit that can generate solid light equipment. In Mugen, he could also use the Zeta Beam teleport equipment to use in those fights. Besides, wouldn’t you love to use a character that could also call in their entire Rann army to help him in battle?

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This is the one guy in this article that does have powers beyond his equipment, but because Orion is so tied to his equipment, I had to include him. Orion is a one of the New Gods, so he has superhuman abilities on par with most other heroes in strength, speed, durability, and stamina. As part of his linage to Darkseid (very complicate family tree), he also has the ability to heal. But where he fits into all this is the use of the Astro-Harness and the Mother Box. The Astro-Harness affords him energy shield protection, flight, tractor beam usage, and Astro Force beam technology that can fire very powerful energy blasts. The Mother Box will give its user access to all kinds of knowledge, gravity and machine manipulation, energy transference to the wielder, regeneration, and use of the teleportation technology of Boom Tubes. Medellin is apparently working on him for Mugen, but not much is known of the direction he will take. But this is a great character and I look forward to what he will come up with.

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  1. I hate that word "mugenize", so much is made out of the engine name, which itself is absurd unless it can be explained to me
    but I digress..

    anyway, out of your list here, I favor Kraven the hunter, hell, the Scruffy Dragon character Sandman has a Kraven striker, and it looks KILLER. I'd like to think they might make it into a character some day, but one can hope..

  2. When I was checking The scruffy dragon forum i found this.A person making kraven the hunter http://www.scruffydragon.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5096

  3. High Evolutionary, Mr. Fantastic, a Human Torch that more closely resembles the comic drawing of him (with lines all over him), Bionic Commando, Archangel, Red Tornado (DC), a good Submariner, Skrulls and the Herculoids.