Saturday, May 2, 2009

What If?…Characters That’d Be Cool If MUGENized #3

Disclaimer: Most of the following characters not only haven’t been made yet, but there are not even publicly known plans to bring them to Mugen either. The purpose of this article is solely for entertainment, and not meant to tell any creators who to work on, nor is it intended to be thought of as a “Wish List” of characters I want made. However, if anyone becomes inspired enough to begin a WIP on any of the characters discussed, then that would be a bonus.

Amalgam Style
After a hiatus from this series due to Mugen Madness, coverage of the release parties and my new role with I thought the best place to resume this series would be with the Amalgam characters due to their recent event and the awesome hyper that HCF put on Starfire. So I went through the entire Amalgam universe of characters to find the ones I thought were the coolest ones that I do not think are a part of the Amalgam: Age of Superheroes project. This was not easy, as they seem to have most of them covered. I was able to find a few, but for all I know, some of them might be secret WIPs. Anyway, here are my favorites:


Okay, you can see her as part of HyperCombinationFinish’s Amalgam Hyper (and I thank him for that), but that is not enough for me. I am already partial to Shatterstar (check my avatar at IMT), so anytime there is a focus there, I like it. For those of you who do not know, Shatterstarfire is an Amalgamation of DC’s Starfire and Marvel’s Shatterstar. So a MUGENized version of this character would have both of they’re strengths in the fighting ability and use of swords of Shatterstar, while also having the ability to fly, super-strength, and various energy projectile attacks of Starfire. That could be a fun character, but until then, play with HCF’s Starfire and pull off as many Amalgam hypers as you can.

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Her real name is Slade Murdock and she is an Amalgam of Daredevil and Deathstroke, but then made female (because comic companies try to go sexy when they can.) She, like her Marvel counterpart is blind from an accident, but attained hypersenses also as a result. The most important part of this extended ability allows her an internal radar similar to that of Daredevil. Then throw in the fight training of her DC counterpart and that is where you get Dare. Plus, Mugen can always use more characters that wear an eyepatch.

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Big Question

If we are going to talk about Dare, then we might as well talk about her arch nemesis as well. The Big Question is an Amalgamation of Kingpin and the Riddler and he was the one that subjected Dare to the accident that rendered her blind which also gave her the hypersenses spoken of above. He has the same evil nature of Kingpin, with the command of mob henchmen, but also the expert ability of judo which can be deadly in a man of his stature. And he does all of this while subjecting whoever to riddles and traps in the same fashion as The Riddler. However, giving those clues is also his main weakness, same as with Edward Nigma. But he might be a case where his Amalgam character would be better than either of his mainstream comic counterparts because of this combination.

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Like Terra and Terrax, who are her respective DC and Marvel counterparts, Terra-X has the ability to manipulate the molecules of earth and rock…but she has even further control than they do. First, she has the ability to transform her very body into these substances, be it hard as a rock, or even into dust and not be harmed. But she can also combine with the very ground itself and come up with any attack that is possible from this state. So then when you couple all of that with proficiency at using her long-handled axe, and you have a character that would dominate in the MUGENverse.

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I am pretty sure that the SGM Amalgam guys have their boss characters set for their project, but if they ever decide on doing a sequel, then the coupling of Ultron and Mr. Sinister would have to be their man. Can a character get any more evil when you combine the ruthlessness and computer calculation of Ultron with the scheming ability of Mr. Sinister? I’m sure you said yes, but now what if we combine all that in an adamatium body that has the limitless capacity to create any weapon he can think of. And one of those weapons can actually take control of other people’s minds. Then throw in flight, durability, super-strength, and forcefield projection, and Sinistron would be a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. We need the Super Soldier I am telling ya!!!