Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stage Viewer for MUGEN

There is a great tool that I have not mentioned on this blog before: Mugen Stage Viewer. It's a little program that you put into the same directory of your Mugen executable. IT's asks you to click on the directory where your Mugen files are and then it will display all your stages included in your Mugen. You can see all the stages and hear the music. If you have a stage that is broken or has something wrong with it, this tool can tell you so that you don't inadvertently crash your MUGEN in the middle of game play (which I hate). Here is a video of me using the stage viewer with a Mugen game containing most of my collected characters. You can download this wonderful tool here. If you know of any other versions please leave a comment.


  1. hi, marcus. only one question: when i start up the program it doesnt look like in your video. ( i have to browse my stages one by one)

  2. I have to view the stages one by one also...but you can move arround the stage using your menu buttons. Please feel free to e-mail a screen shot if you have questions