Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Favorite Fiction Blog Sprite Contest Update

Just to clear up a couple questions that have been asked that other may have had.

- You can use any outfit you want, all that matters is the character in general
- No section contest, as in, all entries will be judged against one another regardless if its from the Batman/Superman entry, or the Outside Marvel and DC one.
- Does not matter if someone else is doing the same character
- You can submit whatever to FF_Blog@yahoo.com if you'd prefer

And remember:
- You can submit previous work you did, no need to sprite something new
- Can submit to as many forums as you'd like
- Entries due 11:59pm July 31st and will be voted on the week preceding it.
- Selections from each forum (winners and other notables) will then be voted on here afterwards

Finally, if you enter at CVG United.com, the winner at that community will receive $15.00 paid to their PayPal account.

For more info about the contest, read the previous entry here:

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