Friday, July 3, 2009

Grudge Match: Batman vs Iron Man

An Iron Man throw-down with Batman is interesting because you can see the conflict on so many different levels. Not just 2 guys in costumes slugging it out. Even A fight between their civilian identities would be interesting.

1. Who has more money? Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?
2, Which is the best company? Stark's? or Wayne Tech?
3. Who has the best toys?
4. Who is smarter?

In my opinion if they got into a fight the only way Iron Man could be sure he can win is if he made sure to take Batman out quickly. No messing around because eventually, Batman would figure out a way to win. I decided to stage a fight in MUGEN to see what I come up with. I used Alucard's Batman vs Infinity Mugen Teams' MVC2 Iron Man.


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