Monday, July 20, 2009

Websites to Visit:

For those of you who do not know, Eternaga is one of the legends in Mugen. He was one of the founding members of the Infinity Mugen Team before retiring from them and going off on his own. He now has his own website that is pretty cool and you should check out.

One thing you will find are many hosted characters. You will find:
- Mega Man X by Chaotic
- Blade by Doggiedoo
- Black Ranger by Ermac Won
- Young Link by Ermac Won (my favorite version of this character)
- Cutman by Excurision
- Iceman by Excurision
- Symbiote Onslaught by Excurision
- Metalman by Laspacho
- Crashman by Laspacho
- Lou by Laspacho
- King by Spawn
...And every character ever made by Sludge (which all rock, so check them out)
These can be found at:

Etg, which is also a name he goes by, is also an expert with photoshop. Check out one of his many sprite tutorials here:

This is one of the characters he is working on that I am looking forward to, Yuna from Final Fantasy X:

But he is also working on:
- Sakura
- Dante
- Fireman
- Helmetless Megaman (which is downloadable)

There are also a number of stages you can download at his website. Here are a couple images:

To get those stages, see his sprite tutorials, and to check out the website for yourself, go to:

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