Friday, July 24, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Hulk 2099 by Acey

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As part of the Infinity Mugen Team's release party, Hulk 2099 has gone through some pretty significant updates. Acey did all of the sprite editing and coding initially, but the majority of the updates are courtesy of R@ce45.

I like his look as he looks very comic accurate, and you have to love the way that tongue waggles around in his mouth. I think the sound is also decent as it gives me a feeling for the comic character's true nature...and that is one of the things you need in regards to sound coding for a Mugen character.

The main part of the update involves adding moves to him, and that is always a good thing, so thank you R@ce45. They are comic accurate for the most part with their brutality, I just wish there was something a little more unique added (more on that later.)

- Pass Charge: Slash attack
- Rebound Charge: Charge attack
- Ground Stomp: Shakes the ground knocking opponent to the ground
- Tri-Slash: Strong combination slash attack
- Gamma Haste Mode: Enters a mode where he can attack faster
- Gamma Charge: Stronger Charge attack
- Gamma Rage Mode: Enters a mode where his attacks are stronger
- Gamma Slash: Multiple slashing attack

Other than the Ground Stomp which I like, to me the special and hyper moves, which I am glad there are more of, mostly seem unimaginative. I'd like to see a little more differentiation with the moves. Plus, Wikipedia says he has a healing factor, why not incorporate that somewhat. People more familiar with the comic history of the character can probably discuss this more than me. I also think the AI is very weak, especially for a character with Hulk in his name. He does not take full advantage of his basic attacks, and under-utilizes his specials/hypers. This is one of the reasons I had him fight himself in the video, as everyone else was basically kicking his butt. A bug was shown of him walking on air, and the Rebound Charge special can sometimes be too fast to see the effect.

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My score: 7

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  1. speaking of Acey, when you review the green goblin, make sure to mention me in there as I did the original crystal clear dialog lines, recorded from youtube, that she later removed. I also provided 98% of the SFX audio. she left similar voice sound bytes in her OTHER characters however

    hypocrisy anyone?