Monday, July 27, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Archangel by SOS_1_bros

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There was a surprise release yesterday of Archangel by the SOS_1_bros at IMT. The char leans heavily upon Acey's Firebrand coding, but the sprite work looks pretty decent...especially for a first time release with zero guidance from others. The character was determined to be open source, so he went through a number of updates done my quite a few IMT community members, basically spearheaded by Zvitor. The sounds are pretty good, and I like a lot of the new portraits added.

He has a number of special and hyper moves, but unfortunately there is no corresponding readme file. So just watch the video to the end where I'll show the command moves for those moves.

Yes there are issues beyond just the lack of a readme file for the moves, since again this is a first release. Some of the moves (some kicks stand out the most) look unnatural. Perhaps a few more frames of animation could be added here and there as well. Also, one of the community members noted that the when he is doing some moves, he appears a little smaller than what is seen in his general stance.

In short, I like him, yes he can improve, and perhaps either the original authors will do it, or you! (he is open source after all)

You can get the most recent update at:

My score: 8

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