Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mugen: Ken

When someone picks up Street Fighter for the first time, this is the other character you should learn to play with. Ken is comparable to Ryu in many ways. If you learn how to play with him or Ryu, you are well on your way to mastering the moves of most characters in most fighting games including MUGEN. When I was starting out in the genre, I picked up Ryu and my brother became extremely efficient with Ken. Ken is very popular. It's no wonder that there are many versions of him for MUGEN.

Ken Mugen Versions



C01KENImage HostingUnknown767Download
CVS KenImage HostingUnknown769Download
Dragon KenImage HostingSHAMMAHALFA1767Download
Evil KenImage HostingUnknown788Download
KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken MastersImage HostingDon Drago768Download
Ken SF3Image HostingUnknown767Download
Ken XImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken ZImage HostingUnknown769Download
Orochi KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
God KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Holy KenImage HostingKnightmare106798Download
Violent KenImage HostingN64Mario84767Download
Furious KenImage HostingUnknown767Download
Ken LVL2<Image HostingUnknown767Download
SF3_KenImage HostingUnknown767Download

There are all the versions of Ken that I know about as of the time of this writing. Holy Ken is really overpowered with insane AI. I think the most balanced version is CVS Ken. Here are some test videos I made in Watch mode. If you know of any other Ken versions that I missed, please let me know in the comments section.


  1. another one you missed...this one by Scar

    that's actually my favorite version of ken and I used it in a video of mine

  2. there was an evil ken by REU