Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mugen: Chun Li

Chun Li is one of the best characters of video games ever. I've been playing with the character through several versions of Capcom's fighting game series. This character has been great in all of her incarnations. Fortunately there are several versions of Chun Li floating around for MUGEN. My favorite Chun Li move is her lighting kick. It's really fun messing up my opponents with it.

Chun Li Mugen Variations
NameImageCreatorFun Factor AILookDownload
cvs Chun LiImage HostingUnknown777Download
alpha Chun LiImage HostingWhiteMagic2002878Download
cvs2 Chun LiImage HostingUnknown978Download
Dark Chun LiImage HostingUnknown979Download
ssf2x Chun LiImage HostingUnknown977Download

I have found a total of 4 versions of Chun Li for MUGEN. I enjoy using Chun Li. The two best versions I have are Dark Chun Li and Alpha Chun Li. If you know of more version or know who made trhese please leave a comment. Thanks!


  1. Thanks. I did not have her. For anyone that does not already have her, here is the download link. Get it from the profile sectin of RKMUGEN's YouTube channel

  2. dark chun-li by Big Eli King
    the not original versions are harder to track.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    I see that you are interested in the Street fignter characters....
    Me too, I have most of them, they integrate perfectly in the Marvel/DC World.
    For Chun Li, I kept this two versions which aren't noted in your board :

    @Chun Li (chinese version)

    Dark Bolt (brazilian version)

    Try them, you will not be disappointed
    This is an overview what we can do
    with Dark Bolt


  4. Hey Thanks, Willy!!!! I'll be trying them out

  5. rkmugen just updated his chun li recently... 09/09/2009....

  6. Hey I Can Download This Chars