Monday, April 13, 2009

Mugen: Thing

The Thing is one of the most beloved characters of fiction. Although he has rock-hard skin and super strength and near invulnerability, he has a soft compassionate heart. He can't stand to see innocent people to suffer. He clobbers anyone who hurts others. He has great courage. Although some might think he looks like a monster, he is more of what a man is truly supposed to be than a lot of characters and people in real-life. He's also tragic. The accident that gave him his super powers also robbed him of any chance of a normal life because of his immense size and appearance. What makes him a hero to me is that instead of always giving in to self-pity, he does the right thing to help others no matter how he might feel personally. He protects his friends and family and complete strangers even though they may fear him because of how he looks. We can all learn a lot from Benjamin J. Grimm - The Thing.

Here are some links to more information about him:

The Thing Mugen Versions





Warner's Thing has great AI, as proven in the March Madness tournament on this blog. I like this mugen character but it is not easy for shown in this video. I wholeheartedly recommend this character but I wasn't able to show him at his best. Here is the test I ran.

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