Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mugen: Thanoseid

Thanoseid is a mashup of Thanos and Darkseid. I can't say I remember much about him from the 1996 limited series. But given that Thanos and Darkseid are two of the most powerful characters from each of their respective universes, Thanoseid is one power player. There has been just released a Thanoseid character for mugen. Here is some more information about the character:

Thanoseid Mugen Versions



rozeros & ZVitor899

The character is fun a powerful. It doesn't take all that many hits to beat your opponent into submission. My favorite move is when he super omega blasts diagonally. Any opponent trying to attack from the air will be hit.

Here is a video of me putting Thanoseid through his paces!

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