Friday, April 10, 2009

Mugen: Omega Red

Omega Red is interesting to me because I like the idea of a government attempting to gain power and then have that weapon rage out of their control. Few things are more dramatic than kind of premise. Omega Red is an attempt that communist Russia made to create their own super soldier. Everybody wants their own Captain America. Once Omega Red became successfully empowered, he turned against the men who made him. This means that it keeps falling to the X-men to stop Omega Red. I think largely due to the fact of the long standing rivalry between Wolverine and Omega Red. Here is some more information on the character.

Omega Red Mugen Versions




The Omega Red character is fun to play with. My favorite move is how you can use his tendrils to throw a character across the screen. Here is a video showing the character in action.


  1. zvitor made a eta version of omega red.Link is given in

  2. zvitor made a beta version of omega red.Link is given in