Monday, April 20, 2009

Mugen: Iron Lantern

Iron Lantern is an amalgam of Iron man and Green Lantern. Iron Lantern is the character you would get if Tony Stark had Green Lantern's power ring. The character's alter ego is Hal Stark. You can find out more about the character by going to the following two links:

There now exists a version for mugen

Iron Lantern Mugen Versions




I really like this character. I had an older version of Iron Lantern that really was an Iron Man edit. However, this character is not just an Iron Man edit. It has all new moves and looks very faithful to the way the character looked in the comic books. My favorite move is the one where Iron Lantern makes a green magnet to grab an opponent. I am also impressed with the way he just whips out different weapons as green energy weapons. Here is a video of me putting the character through its paces. I'm going to need a lot more practice to use the character to its full potential. You have got to try this one out!

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