Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grudge Match: Plastic Man vs Mr. Fantastic

Ever wondered who win Plastic Man vs Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic? I have. And I have heard many arguments. Simply put, Reed's powers are more limited than Plastic Man's Powers. Plastic Man can form his body into Anything! So in a contest based on powers alone, I have to give it to Plastic Man. However, as everyone knows that fights are not settled on super powers alone. Reed's got the technology and the genius intellect to use his powers to get the upper hand. Therefore in a real fight I really think Mr. Fantastic would win, especially if Plastic Man, would make Reed angry by doing or saying something stupid...like hitting on his wife! I decided to stage the fight in Mugen. It's ZVitor's Mister Fantastic vs Mambojambo's Plastic Man. Both characters are computer controlled at AI level 4. Here is the video:

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