Friday, April 17, 2009

Mugen: Spawn

Spawn is a famous character. I feel ambivalent about him. Unarguably, Todd McFarlane has created a character that must be recognized as a major player in fiction. I have written a previous post on my main blog. Interesting enough there are a few versions of the character adapted for mugen. Of the five I know about, three are the most important.

Spawn Mugen Versions



Spawn - Edited by Hioushi989Download
HellSpawn - Edited by Hioushi978Download
Dark Saviour'887Download

Out of the three, I like the first Spawn on my list the best. The reason why is because of how he looks. I tend to be a purist for Spawn's look. However the HellSpawn version is really strong. In addition the 3rd version has some really special moves. For example, that version has a healing factor. Here is a video of the tests I ran for Spawn.


  1. The Spawn character needs far better specials.. Theres so much scope for with hellfire and his hitman related past. Spawns chains should play a much bigger roll.. His specials should revolve around the chains.

  2. where did you get the sprites???

  3. Hi marcus this is one update of Hioushi's spawn, he's got now: power,special,teleport and he can smash on the ground.


    Well maybe another update on the next months...