Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mugen: Namor - The Submariner

Namor is one of my favorite Marvel characters. Grant it he hasn't been depicted outside of comic books as much as Aquaman, but I think he's greater. I mean Namor can fly through the air and swim at top speed. He has super human strength. I mean namor can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk or Thor. No easy fight there. He's fought the entire Fantastic Four and the early Avengers! I mean he is as powerful as the come! Namor is heroic, but very arrogant. I think it is because he's king of three-quarters of the planet. The interesting thing is that he is one of the first Marvel characters. He actually fought alongside Captain America in World War II. He ages very, very slowly. Here is some more information on his person and history:

I have found 2 versions of him for mugen

Namor - the Submariner Mugen Versions



Unknown 555

By Alucard N/AN/A9

None of these Namor's are complete. I think that Alucard's version will be the best. But in the meantime, I like HATAKE KAKASHI's version the best. You can call other Avengers and Spider-man to help you. Other than that, you have basic fighting moves.
Nothing really to write home about, so I will wait for either an update for HATAKE KAKASHI's version and/or for Alucard's to do a video.

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  1. I love superheroes (so interesting, if impossible) and my favorites are Ben Grimm, The Human Torch, (the one with the Fantastic four - there were a lot of Human Torches. He even had his own show until it quit because the producers were afraid kids would set themselves on fire, trying to imitate him!), Batgirl, and The Beast.
    I like lots of them, but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment. The creepiest bad guy was Murmur, I think.