Monday, April 13, 2009

Announcement: Here's the Skinny on the "Favorite Fiction" Blog

I thank everyone who has read and supported this blog, especially Volzzilla for his help with generating great content. I wanted to let everyone know that I may be out of contact for a time because my wife is scheduled to go into labor soon. It's a boy! I've got some articles and posts already set to come out but for new breaking stuff may come out later than I normally will post them. I'm gonna be kinda busy doing husband and daddy stuff and I thank God. Thank you all for your support and readership.


  1. Congratulations! All my wishes of happiness to the future parents

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Like MaxDillon but in french,

    ****Félicitations, tous mes voeux de bonheurs
    pour les futurs parents.****

    Being french, I wanted to tell you in French.