Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mugen: Parasite

I haven't seen Parasite much in the comics but I have seen him a lot in animation. He has seemed most often to be a Superman villain but it was always fun to watch him mixing it up with the Justice League. Gaining the powers and memories of an opponent just by touching them is really cool. That being said, I have never seen any character like Buyog's Parasite. I mean it's ambitious and awesomely executed. The character is intended to copy the powers of several mugen characters. That's pretty awesome. To find out more about the character, read the following link:


Here is my quick-look chart

Parasite Mugen Versions



Image HostingBuyog968http://www.buyog.com/MUGEN/parasite.html

The fighting system is so unique...so amazing...that Buyog has been nice enough to make a video for how it works. It is so well done I'd like to post that video soon.

As for how the character plays very well. To fully understand what he has to offer the ReadMe file is extremely helpful. I need a lot of practice working with this character to bring out his full potential. Buyog pointed out that there are some bugs but I can tell you that none of them took away from the fun of playing with this character. Here is a video of me putting this work of art through its paces!

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